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Best HDTVs of 2007

2007 has been an amazing year for HDTVs, both gaining huge public interest and evolving at a very fast pace. In the last six months alone we have seen a number of advances in HDTV technology to bring you an even better home theater experience.

We have seen a higher number of full Hd (1080p) sets on the market, HDMI 1.3 for more colors and other features, 24p for true 24fps film rates, 100Hz / 120Hz rates for smoother images, and major advantages with dynamic backlighting for a huge leap in contrast ratios and colors, and finally the addition of LED back lit HDTVs.

I am taking in my own views and opinions, other review sites, and user feedback. I will list individual model and organize them into size groups, and also separate them into panel type, ie; LCD or Plasma by series model.

Best 32-Inch LCD HDTV

Sony KDL32D3000 – Excellent colors and very deep black levels, along with optional Motion Plus 100Hz.

Also worth mentioning.
Panasonic TX32LXD70 – Great style and features, decent black levels.
Samsung LNT3253H – Good black levels and contrast, no option to disable 120Hz though.
Samsung LE32R87BDX/ LE32R88BD – Great budget set, offering excellent value for money.

Best 40-Inch and above LCD HDTV

Sony X3000 / X3500 (Europe) | XBR4 / XBR5 (America) – Best overall LCD with excellent colors, black levels and features.
Sony W3000 (Sony KDL40W3000)- Same screen as the X / XBR4/5 series, cheaper price, only lack motion plus.

Best Plasma HDTV

Pioneer Kuro LX / Pioneer Kuro PDP-5080 – Pioneer’s Kuro range win top marks all around for their full 1080p panels and class leading black levels.

Overall HDTV of 2007

It’s a tough one, depending on which you prefer, LCD or Plasma.
Pionner Kuro LX (plasma) – Leading the whole plasma market by producing the very best black levels, shading and colors on the market, along with great styling and features.

Sony W3000 (LCD) I feel this set offers great value for money over the Sony X / XBR series, offering the same great performance and features (1080p, 24p etc), along with a great finish. It only lacks motion plus, which is not a big deal to many people, many choosing to turn it off.