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Belkin FlyWire | AV69003, AV69000

Belkin FlyWireAmimon as partnered up with Belkin in the wireless HD department and have announced the Belkin FlyWire wireless HD device. The FlyWire uses Amimon’s wireless HD interface known as WHDI, which is fully HDCP certified.

The Belkin FlyWire WHDI device main role is to stream HD DVD, Blu-ray and other uncompressed content to your HDTV wirelessly. The WHDI FlyWire works with wireless transmissions in the 5GHz band for streaming uncompressed HD video at the same quality you would get from component or HDMI connections. WHDI has been shown to work at ranges of 100 feet through walls with no loss in quality, and with a very fast latency of less than 1ms.

Belkin will be showing off the FlyWire at this years CES. Hopefully we will have more details soon.

Update: We have received more details from Belkin that the FlyWire will also feature great connectivity with 3x HDMI, 2x component and 1x composite inputs, and 1x HDMI output. The Flywire will be available as two packages, the FlyWire AV69003 for $999, designed as a whole home solution with an IR back-channel for multiroom control, and as the FlyWire R1 AV69000 for $699. The FlyWire AV69000 is designed for single room use, and does not feature the IR backchannel.

Not cheap to say the least, but they offer a great product to solve an age old problem with no loss of quality or latency and lag issues.