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BBC Six Nations Rugby Match In 3D

3D HDTV might be closer than we think, with the BBC broadcasting a Six Nations Rugby Match in 3D. The 3D rugby action will broadcast a test screen of the six nations match between Scotland and England on March 8th live in 3D HD to a select audience. This will be a joint venture between BBC Sport and the 3DFirm.

3DFirm is formed from Can Communicate, Inition and Axis. The 3D rugby will be captured by three camera rigs, and then transmitted via satellite to a big screen with the audience wearing 3D glasses. The match will be the first ever live test screening of an international sport shown in 3D HD.

“3D is taking off as a big screen event around the world for recorded material. There may be interest in broadcasting live events to big screen venues and if there is we want to be at the forefront of those producing it.”