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ATI TV Wonder 600 USB, 650 PCIe HD Tuners

AMD / ATI have announced two new TV Wonder HD tuner products , the TV Wonder 600 USB and the TV Wonder 650 Combo PCIe. Both of the new tuners come with Catalyst Media Center software and are fully compatible with Windows Vista Media Center and Windows XP Media Center. We should expect to see both products in September.

ATI TV Wonder 600

ATI TV Wonder 600There are less details available about the TV Wonder 600 USB than the 650 PCIe model, but I will give you what is available right now. The 600 USB features a hybrid analog / digital tuner for receiving both types, including digital HD. Use of only either the digital or analog tuner at a time is possible. The easy external plug-and-play USB feature of the 600 USB turns any desktop or notebook into a feature rich DVR for HDTVs. The ability of receiving free other the air digital and HD broadcasts along with analog broadcasts make this a very powerful and versatile tuner in a small package.

ATI TV Wonder 650

ATI TV Wonder 650

The ATI TV Wonder 650 Combo PCIe also features dual tuners, one for analog and one for digital broadcasts. Unlike the 600 USB, both tuners can operate simultaneously, allowing you to both watch and record from two sources at the same time. The digital tuner features ClearQAM, allowing users to receive unscrambled digital broadcasts over cable.
The TV Wonder 650 features the Theater 650 Pro video processor for hardware decoding of analog and digital TV signals—ATSC and DVB-T. The digital tuner allows users to tune in to HD broadcasts from over-the-air and also ClearQAM digital signals. Also featured is an FM tuner and Avivo video processing for hardware MPEG-2 encoding, motion adaptive 3D comb filter, automatic color control, automatic gain control, noise reduction and edge enhancement.