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ASUS VH222H, VH226H, VH242H | Asus VH Series

Asus have released some great looking LCD computer monitors with full HD / 1080p resolution.  Not only do these LCD monitors have the perfect full HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, but they have have the perfect 16:9 aspect ratio and HDMI inputs.

If you’re looking for an every say work / office monitor, which will also be great for HD multimedia playback these LCD monitors look like a great choice, featuring 1080p resolution, HDMI and built in speakers.  The Asus VH222H, and Asus VH226H both have a 21.5-inch screen size, while the VH226H has a better 2ms response time, and glossy finish, while the VH222H is mat, and has a 5ms response time.

asus vh series

The Asus VH242H has a larger 23.6-inch screen. All three have DVI and VGA inputs along with HDMI connection. HDCP is supported on the HDMI inputs, allowing you to directly connected up HD devices such as blu-ray players, and PS3 games consoles to playback at 1080p resolution.

Expect to see the ASUS VH222, VH226, and VH242 very soon.