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Asus N10J Netbook | HD Playback Support

As many of you would guess, I own a HDTV. What you might not know, is that I watch most of my HD media on my HDTV via my Dell XPS 1530 laptop with an external USB blu-ray drive. The media center combination, along with blu-ray playback at 1080p / 24p via HDMI output is hard to beat for me.

I am currently looking into getting a netbook, and have found the very impressive 10-inch Asus N10J Netbook, which features HDMI output with 1080p support and audio pass through of AC3/DTS etc. Even though the Asus N10J “only” has a lower power Intel Atom CPU N270 running at 1.6GHz, it also features a NVIDIA GEFORCE 9300M GS (256MB) graphics card, which would normally only been found in a full size highend laptop.

With the help of Nvidea’s PureVideo HD support to provide hardware decoding of HD files (x264) through the graphics card, the tiny Asus N10J netbook is powerful enough to playback HD content. This to me is very appealing, the thought of such a small computer with the decoding power to handle full HD 1080p output.

asus n10j

There is even a youtube video of someone playing back a 1080P H264/x264 MKV file on the Asus N10J, where the video plays flawlessly with CPU load at less than 50%.  Very impressive indeed. To my knowledge, this is the first netbook I have seen with a HDMI output, and a powerful graphics card.

I’m also confident that the Asus N10J would be able to playback blu-ray movies via connecting an external USB Blu-ray drive.  A very tempting Christmas addition!