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Alienware Hangar 18

Alienware Hangar 18Alienware have released the Hangar 18 HD Home theater / entertainment center, which is a very powerful piece of equipment. The Hangar 18 is a new AMD LIVE! Home Cinema PC which run Windows Vista Home Premium with all the Media Center features we know and love. The low en model will get you can $1,999 for 250GB storage and 720p HD video output via HDMI powered by AMD Athlon X2 4200+. Higher specifications can be features such as the $3,899 model which has a whooping 2TB of DVR storage, and 1080p “Full HD” output, a faster 4600+ and 4GB RAM. The Alienware Hangar 18 can sync and stream content from your other PCs and to your PS3 and Xbox 360, the device also features up to four tuners (2 analog, 2 digital) enabling to record four channels at one time. Unfortunately (even though it looks like a slot feed front) there is no chance to add a HD-DVD or Blu-Ray drive to the system. Although there is USB 2.0, maybe someone can try a Xbox 360 external drive?. It should ship June 21st.