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FIFA World Cup In 3D

world cup 3dSony and FIFA have announced that they will deliver 3D football from FIFA World Cup 2010 to millions of sports fan in Europe.

Up to 25 of the FIFA World Cup South Africa matches will be produced using Sony’s 3D cameras, which will bring new depth, and excitement to viewers.

Senior Analyst Tom Morrod says, “The news that the FIFA World Cup will be filmed in 3D for the first time will certainly increase the uptake rate of 3D TVs in the home and develop the installed base earlier than would otherwise have been the case.”

They also estimate that 13.6m 3D TV sets will be installed in Europe by 2013. A rather ambitious number to say the least.

world cup 3d

Sony say that 2010 will see a range of 3D compatible products such as Blu-ray, Playstation 3 and VAIO laptops.

During June and July 2010 customers can view the 3D experience at the International FIFA Fan Fest in 7 cities around the world. (London, Berlin, Mexico City, Paris, Rome, Rio De Janeiro, and Sydney.)

Sony also say that viewers can watch a trailer for the film of the World Cup in 3D at retails stores around the world, and that they plan on releasing the official 3D film on Blu-ray and other formats.

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