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LG W2286L, W2486L

LG W2286LLG have just announced two smallish LED backlit LCD HDTVs over in Korea.

The 22-inch LG W2286L can be used as an straight HDTV or double as a PC monitor. It features a 1,680 x 1,050 pixel resolution, along with a very high 2,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, and consumed 40% less power than the average 22-inch LCD.

The LG W2286L comes with 2x HDMI inputs and a DVI port. Along with the energy savings from the LED backlight, the W2286L also features an ambinent light sensor, which can automatically adjust the backlight brightness to further save power.

The LCD HDTV also looks great with a stylish, and very slim 20mm design.

LG W2286L

A slightly larger 24-inch model, the LG W2486L will also be available, which features a higher 1080p / Full HD resolution.

No word on pricing, or whether it will see a U.S release just yet.