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LG SL80 Series | LG 42SL80, 47SL80, 55SL80

LG SL80The LG SL80 series is the latest LCD HDTV range from LG, which is due to be released this August.

The SL80 Series consists of three models from 42 to 55-inches, all three feature LG’s latest “borderless” design. Featuring a single edge-to-edge panel of glass over the front of an ultra-slim bezel.

Along with the seamless design, the SL80′s are just 1.8-inches thick, giving them a great look from any angle. The invisible Speaker design further improves the look by eliminating the typical large speak grills on the front of the HDTV.

Available as the 42-inch LG 42SL80, the 47-inch LG 47SL80, and as the 55-inch LG 55SL80.


The LG SL80 series have a high dynamic contrast ratio of 150,000:1 for vivid colors and deep blacks. It’s TruMotion 240Hz technology is great for watching sports and fast motion scenes, as it significantly reduces motion blur and image judder.

  • 42SL80 | 42-Inch, $1,599.95
  • 47SL80 | 47-Inch, $1,899.95
  • 55SL80 | 55-Inch, $2,799.95