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LG 42LF66 Reviewed

LG 42LF66The LG 42LF66 is a huge step up from anything LG has produced before. The 42LF66 looks amazing with it’s black gloss frame, and it’s specifications look just as great. Offering “full hd” 1080p HD LCD for the best HD image possible at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, and even more importantly the LG 42LF66 supports 1:1 direct pixel mapping, using the exact pixels positions for the best image quality and clarity, a feature that many HDTVs lack. Read more

LG 50PC5D Reviewed

LG 50PC5DPlasma HDTVs always win against LCD HDTVs in the big screen wars, some say it’s because the offering better image quality, such as deeper black levels, but mostly its due to cheaper prices in the large screen models. The LG 50PC5D is a 50-inch large plasma set with a relatively inexpensive price tag of around $2,200. The 50-inch plasma offers a great look with a black gloss finish with a silver trim, a 1,366×768 pixel resolution for 720p and 1080i HD formats. Read more

LG 60PY3RF, 71PY1M

LG 60PY3RFLG have announced two brand new high specification plasma HDTVs, the 60-inch LG 60PY3RF and the huge 71-inch LG 71PY1M which offer Full HD 1080p HD format at a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and makes use of LG’s XD Engine with full HD processing capabilities mapping 1:1 pixel match technology for the highest possible image quality. Read more

LG 42LB7RF & 47LB7RF

42LB7RFLG have announced two new LCD HDTVs which push the limits even further. The new 47-inch LG 47LB7RF and 42-inch LG 42LB7RF feature LG’s new XD Engine with full HD processing capabilities for converting lower quality images to Full 1080p HD at 1920 x 1080p resolution at 1:1 pixel match for the very best images at the LCD’s native resolution. Both the 42LB7RF & 47LB7RF have great colors and contrast with very low signal noise, Read more

LG L245WP Reviewed

LG L245WPThe LG L245WP is a 24-inch widescreen LCD monitor designed for PC use, but it’s equally at home being used as a HDTV. The LG Flatron L245WP has many of the connections you will be used to seeing on most HDTVs, with a HDMI input (with HDCP), component and VGA you won’t be lost for connections. LG have also bundled a DVI-HDMI cable so PC users won’t need to buy a separate one. The LG L245WP also has a lot of features which make it ideal for multimedia, such as a high contrast ratio of 3000:1, a 1920×1200 (above Full 1080p HD resolution) resolution, and a very fast 2ms response time for sharp moving images. Read more

LG 60PF95 Reviewed

LG 60PF95If you are looking for the very best in HDTVs, then the LG 60PF95 could be the answer, and your best friend. If you want the very best, you will want a big screen, and of course the very best HD format, 1080p aka, Full HD. The LG 60PF95 provides you with both, with a massive 60-inch plasma screen supporting 1080p at a resolution of 1920×1080. At screen sizes this size, the full hd format definitely helps. The 60PF95 looks great with it’s black gloss finish and touch screen controls, and also has the specifications to back up the look, Read more


LG M228WAThe LG M228WA is more than just an HDTV, well actually, it’s probably more than just a LCD PC monitor as it can be used as either a PC computer monitor, a TV or even a HDTV. The M228WA from LG is primarily a 22-inch LCD monitor with a widescreen aspect ratio, but it also includes a vast number of other inputs including DVI, VGA, s-video, component and the magic of HDMI.
The LG M228WA has a resolution of 1,680 x 1,050 (higher than a lot HDTVs) which offers you 720p and 1080i HD, a 3000:1 contrast ratio and an ultra fast response time of 2ms Read more

LG 47LB5D Reviewed

LG 47LB5DThe sleek and stylish black gloss finish gives the 47-inch LG 47LB5D a great look, which stands out from the sea of other black gloss HDTVs of recent times. The 47LB5D is the second largest from the LG LB5D series and offers full HD 1080p resolution, a vast three HDMI inputs, VGA PC input (1920×1080 max resolution), component, s-video and the usual connections. LG proudly present their Full HD 1080p sticker on the front of the 47LB5D to attract buyers, Read more

HDTV Refrigerator

lg-lsc27990.jpgA HDTV Fridge? Yes you did read that right, the brains at LG have come up with the great idea of an HDTV Fridge. The ummm, LG HDTV Fridge or the LG LSC27990 is the first refrigerator with an HDTV built in. LG’s president John Herrington speaks about previous LCD fridges and says, “LG is taking this innovation one step further with the introduction of our HDTV Refrigerator,”.

The LG LSC27990 HDTV fridge will cost you $4,000 and features a 15-inch LCD screen on the Read more

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