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LG 32LG5000 Reviewed

LG 32LG5000The new LG 32LG5000 looks to be a very attractive mid size HDTV. The 32LG5000 has a nice price point of around £525, and it’s design speaks for it’s self. The high gloss black finish with subtle sliver line at the base makes the set look very much at home with highend, high price point HDTVs. The LG 32LG5000 has a 32-inch LCD screen resolution of 1366×768 pixels which is more than enough for a HDTV of this size. Read more

LG 42LT75 Reviewed

LG 42LT75The LG 42LT75 brings something different to the table than many of the other HDTVs out there. The 42LT75 is one of the first to feature “Freeview Playback” which enables you to record digital and analog TV to a 160GB hard disc for upto 60 hours of recording and then watch it back later, very much like the impressive Sky+ feature. Is this just a gimic or a truly functional and useful feature? Read more

LG 52LG71 – WiFi HD Streaming

LG has let a little information slip on it’s forthcoming LG 52LG71 52-inch LCD HDTV. LG is claiming that the 52LG71 is the “World’s first 1080p LCD with an integrated 802.11 Wireless System”. Read more

LG 47LY95 Reviewed

LG 47LY95The LG 47LY95 was a surprise to us when we first saw it. The 47LY95 is a large 47-inch HDTV which offers a full HD 1080p LCD screen (1920×1080 pixel) for less than £1,400 ($2,800). Even though prices have dropped dramatically over the last year, a Full HD LCD set of this size and price is quiet amazing. Read more

LG BH200 HD Combo Player

The HD format war seems no closer to an end, and many people still can’t choose just one format. The LG BH200 HD DVD / Blu-ray combo player aims to solve this “which one?” problem by supporting both formats in a single player. The BH200 will of course support both HD disc formats along with 1080p upscaling of DVDs and audio CD play back. Read more

LG LT85-Series

LG’s new LT85 series of LCD HDTVs are available in three sizes ranging from 32-inch to 42-inch sizes. All three sets has a 1366×768 pixel resolution for 720p / 1080i HD image formats. The LG LT85′s have improved contrast ratio and brightness values over their previous LCD models. Read more

LG PT85 Series

LG’s new plasma series, the PT85 Series will enter the market shortly and be available in 42-inch and 50-inch sizes. While the smaller 42-inch plasma set will have a 1024×768 pixel resolution, the larger 50-inch screen will have a higher 1366×768 pixel resolution. Read more

LG 50PB65 Reviewed

LG 50PB65LG has apparently based the LG 50PB65 50-inch plasma design on it’s popular “chocolate” range of products. While I can see some resemblance, the 50PB65 looks very similar to the many other black gloss sets out there, which by no means is a problem.
The LG 50PB65 plasma offers a large 50-inch 720p / 1080p HD display with a resolution of 1366×768 pixels and a high 15,000:1 contrast ratio. Read more


LG 50PY3DLG has added a brand new plasma to it’s high end PY3D series. The 50-inch plasma, the LG 50PY3D joins the PY3D range with the 60-inch LG 60PY3D. This high end 50-inch plasma features the latest 1080p / full HD panel (1920 x 1080 pixel resolution) with LG’s Simple Link to communicate with other LG equipment you might own in your home theater, Read more

LG Opus LBX | 42LBX, 47LBX, 57LBX

lg-opus-lbxLG have released the LG Opus series (LG LBX range) which has a stunning design, similar to their chocolate line of products. The black gloss set looks great with the matching stand, and is available in three different sizes, the 42-inch LG 42LBX, 47-inch LG 47LBX and the 57-inch LG 57LBX. Read more

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