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LG LH95 / LG LH9500 | LG 55LH95, LG 55LH9500, 55LH93

LG LH95Just as Samsung let slip their 2009 HDTV range before CES, we have news on a great new LED LCD HDTV range from LG. The LG LH95 series looks set to claim the title for the world’s slimmest LED backlit LCD HDTV at only 24.8mm (0.976 inches) thick. Read more

LG 42LG7000

lg 42lg7000The LG 42LG7000 is a very impressive highend 1080p LCD HDTV from LG’s 7000 series. The 7000 series is part of LG’s impressive “scarlet” range of highend, and great looking HDTVs.

The 42LG7000 is the large 42-inch model from this range, and features a 1080p / Full HD LCD panel, with a very high 50,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and TruMotion 100Hz high frame rate technology. Read more

LG 42LG6100 Reviewed

LG 42LG6100The LG 42LG6100 is a 42-inch LCD HDTV from LG’s “Scarlet” range of models. You can see the Scarlet design styling on the 42LG6100 by it’s dark red highlights and it’s reverse side, which can be seen slightly from it’s ever so thin side. Read more

LG 42LGX Reviewed

LG 42LGXIf you saw the impressive looking LG 42LGX in person, the first thing you would probably notice, is now very thin it is. At less than two inches in thickness the 42LGX is one of the thinnest HDTVs available today. The LG 42LGX is not only thin, it is also rather large in the screen dimension department, with a 42-inch LCD screen, with a full HD / 1080p resolution for native blu-ray content. Read more

LG 42PG6900 Reviewed

lg 42pg6900Nearly a year ago we saw one of the first HDTVs to include a HDD and Freeview recording, now the LG 42PG6900 has brought back this function and a whole lot more. The LG 42PG6900 includes a 160GB hard drive with integrated Freeview+ recording abilities , allowing you to pause, rewind and record live tv directly on to the HDTV. Read more

LG 47LG7000 Reviewed

LG 47LG7000The 47LG7000 LCD HDTV comes from LG’s latest “Scarlet” 7000 range, the LG 7000 Series, which is the first HDTV series to feature bluetooth connectivity. The 47-inch LG 47LG7000 bluetooth functions allow the HDTV to wirelessly send audio out to other bluetooth devices such as bluetooth headphones, enabling you to watch the HDTV via headphones without a lead trailing through your room. Read more

LG 7000 Series | 52LG7000, 47LG7000, 42LG7000, 37LG7000, 32LG7000

LG 52LG7000The LG 7000 Series sliped past my attention last month, but it has been brought back into the limelight recently at this years IFA for being the first HDTV series to include bluetooth support. Bluetooth is of course very common on cell phones, but it has never been featured on an HDTV before. Read more

LG 47LG90

LG 47LG90LG is upping it’s game with their new LG 47LG90 LCD HDTV, which is their first to feature the new and long awaited local-dimming LED backlight technology. The local dimming LED technology found in the 47LG90 is similar to that in the newly announced Samsung Series 9 range. Read more

LG 42LG6000 Reviewed

LG 42LG60002008 has seen some very interesting designs in the HDTV world, and the LG 42LG6000 from the LG6000 series (LG60 in the U.S) has to be one of the more interesting and stylish designs so far. The LG6000 series is also known as the “scarlet”, and the LG 42LG6000 has a deep red or scarlet rear panel, whereas the front has a unique looking black gloss finish with a hole cut in the center of the bezel, allowing you to see through behind the HDTV. This is in fact a very nice effect, and the circle lights up when the HDTV is on, and light in a red color when the set is in standby mode. Read more

LG Scarlet LG60, LG6000

LG have announced their LG Scarlet LCD HDTV range recently at the Pacific Design Center in LA. LG are claiming the “Scarlet” HDTV to be the world’s slimmest LCD HDTV. It seems as if the Scarlet has a few different names, it is also known as the LG60 and as the LG6000 in Europe. I guess they felt they needed to add a few extra zeros for the European market. Read more

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