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LG 32LH5000 Reviewed

LG 32LH5000The LG 32LH5000 is a 32-inch LCD HDTV with a Full HD / 1080p panel. At first glance you will notice that the 32LH5000 has a rather unique but attractive design which certainly creates interest.

It features a transparent lip that comes out of the edge of the frame, past the glossy bezel, which looks great from many angles. Read more

LG W2286L, W2486L

LG W2286LLG have just announced two smallish LED backlit LCD HDTVs over in Korea.

The 22-inch LG W2286L can be used as an straight HDTV or double as a PC monitor. It features a 1,680 x 1,050 pixel resolution, along with a very high 2,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, and consumed 40% less power than the average 22-inch LCD. Read more


LG are getting ready to release their first 3D HDTV in the form of the 47-inch LG 47LH50 LCD HDTV.

The LG 47LH50 will be available in Korea from as early as next month. Read more

LG LH55 | LG 37LH55, 42LH55, 47LH55, 55LH55

LG LH55The LG LH50 series of LCD HDTVs were announced back in January this year at CES along with many other ranges.

The day have arrived where the LG LH50 models are now shipping and should be available to order. The LG55 modes are available in four sizes from 37-inches to 55-inches, with all models featuring a Full HD / 1080p LCD panel. Read more

LG 50PS60, LG 60PS60 | PS60 Series

LG PS60The 50-inch LG 50PS60, and the larger 60-inch LG 60PS60 plasma HDTV come from LG’s latest PS60 series. The LG PS60 series are LG’s middle of the range plasma offering, but their specifications are very impressive, along with their design. Read more

LG LH70 | LG 42LH70, 47LH70

lg lh70LG Korea have just announced two new, great looking Xcanva Scarlet LH70 sets, both of which feature integrated bluetooth wireless connectivity. We have seen similar bluetooth technology used in the LG 7000 series before, but the LG LH70 models seem more advanced, and look superb. Read more

LG 50PQ60D, 42PQ60D

On sale in Korea in just over 15 days from now, LG will release their new “Xcanvas” plasmas, the LG 50PQ60D and 42PQ60D. The 50-inch and 42-inch two new “XCanvas” plasmas have a very high contrast ratio of an almost unbelievable 1,000,000,000:1 (thats 1 billion) and refresh rates of 600MHz. Read more

LG 2009 HDTV Lineup

LG 55LHXLG has been very busy and have announced 12 new HDTV ranges for 2009. Just announced today at this year’s CES, LG have announced nine new LCD HDTV ranges, and three plasma ranges. Covering a large range from a small 19-inches all the way up to 60-inches.

Many of these new HDTVs from LG feature LED backlighting for improved contrast and energy saving, TruMotion 240Hz and wireless technology. The LG LH50, and LG PS80 series feature LG’s NetCast Entertainment Access technology for “Broadband HDTVs”. With Ethernet access providing information and content directly via the Internet. With partners such as Yahoo, Netflix and YouTube providing plenty of content. Read more

LG LF7700

The LG LF7700 series has been launched in direct competition of the popular Panasonic Viera series HDTVs which contain a built in FreeSat tuner.

Untill now Panasonic has had the FreeSat HDTV market wrapped up. Read more

LG LH5000

Having just announced the super slim LED backlit LG LH9500 range, also known as the LG LH95 in America, LG have just revealed two more ranges, the LG LH5000, and the LG LF7700. Read more

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