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LG Opus LBX | 42LBX, 47LBX, 57LBX

lg-opus-lbxLG have released the LG Opus series (LG LBX range) which has a stunning design, similar to their chocolate line of products. The black gloss set looks great with the matching stand, and is available in three different sizes, the 42-inch LG 42LBX, 47-inch LG 47LBX and the 57-inch LG 57LBX. All three of the Opus series have 1080p 120Hz TruMotion and TruColor LCD screens for optimal HD quality with low motion blur and no jaggy effects.  Combined with LG’s Super IPS panel, XD Engine and other convenience features, the LBX models are LG’s best performing and best looking models.  Expect to see The LG Opus / LG LBX in September.

LG Opus

  • 42LBX for $2499
  • 47LBX for $3299
  • 57LBX for $4499