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LG LT85-Series

LG’s new LT85 series of LCD HDTVs are available in three sizes ranging from 32-inch to 42-inch sizes. All three sets has a 1366×768 pixel resolution for 720p / 1080i HD image formats. The LG LT85′s have improved contrast ratio and brightness values over their previous LCD models. An 8,000:1 (dynamic) contrast ratio has been stated with a quoted brightness value of 500cd/m2. All of the models are said to support 24fps format and features “XD Engine 2007″ for image processing which contains a the dynamic contrast controls and noise filters.  All sets include an integrated HDD recorder for DVR like features, no size or specifications are currently available.


  • LG 32LT85, 32-Inch
  • LG 37LT85, 37_Inch
  • LG 42LT85, 42-Inch