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LG LH95 / LG LH9500 | LG 55LH95, LG 55LH9500, 55LH93

LG LH95Just as Samsung let slip their 2009 HDTV range before CES, we have news on a great new LED LCD HDTV range from LG. The LG LH95 series looks set to claim the title for the world’s slimmest LED backlit LCD HDTV at only 24.8mm (0.976 inches) thick.

LG willl present the LG LH95 series at this years CES in Las Vagas. Few details are currently known about the LH95′s but we do know it will feature LED backliting, boast a 2,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, and the new 240Hz TrueMotion Drive, doubling their previous offering. Making everything flow nicely without judder or motion blur effects.  In the European market, the model will be known as the LG LH9500.  With the 55-inch model having LG 55LH95 (U.S), LG 55LH9500 (European) model names.


No release date or price or currently known for the LG LH95, but we assume the first half of 2009. Sizes are also unknown, but as the sets seems rather highend, we will expect sizes of 37-inches and above.

Update:  We now have information that the LG LH95 will be available in 55-inches, as we assume the name LG 55LH95 for the U.S, and the LG 55LH9500 for the European model. Also, there will be a wireless HD box included, and DivX HD support built right into the HDTV.

Update 2: LG have announced the 55-inch LG 55LH95, and LG 55LH93 LCD HDTVs. Both have a claimed 5,000,000 dynamic contrast ratio, 240Hz refesh, and 3,360 LEDs.

The LG 55LH93 will be priced at $5,500, and the LG 55LH95 at $5,900.

We are also hearing reports of LG releasing a 42-inch LG 42LH95and 47-inch 47LH95in the U.S soon!