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LG LH5000

Having just announced the super slim LED backlit LG LH9500 range, also known as the LG LH95 in America, LG have just revealed two more ranges, the LG LH5000, and the LG LF7700.

We will concentrate on the LG LH5000 here. Building on the TruMotion drive, the LG LH5000 offers high frames per second at 200Hz rather than the current standard of 100Hz.

This will further improve the smooth flowing images, while maintaining the sharpness of HD during fast motion scenes. Once a highend only feature, this technology is now showing up in more and more models, with the higher 200Hz rate reserved for newer models.

lg lh5000

Anymore information on the new LG LH5000, such as available model sizes, dates and prices are currently unknown. This post will be updated when it is known. As the U.S version of the LG LH9500 is known as the LG LH95, we will assume that the LG LH5000 will also simply be known as the LG LH50 in the U.S.