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LG 42PG6900 Reviewed

lg 42pg6900Nearly a year ago we saw one of the first HDTVs to include a HDD and Freeview recording, now the LG 42PG6900 has brought back this function and a whole lot more. The LG 42PG6900 includes a 160GB hard drive with integrated Freeview+ recording abilities , allowing you to pause, rewind and record live tv directly on to the HDTV. This feature is most commonly seen in Sky+ and Sky+ HD, and also some Freeview+ set top boxes, but rare to find in the HDTV it’s self. This is great for people who do not want extra set top boxes sitting around, and makes cabling for wall mounting a whole lot easier.

Freeview+ aside, the LG 42PG6900 also has some very nice features. Starting with the large 42-inch plasma panel with has a 1024×768 resolution for it’s HD ready status, although not the best for 1080p content, it does a great job with the Freeview content. With a quoted contrast ratio of 30,000:1 and 100Hz + Response time 0.001ms for clear, sharp and motion blur free images.

lg 42pg6900

With a smart and highend design, along with invisible speakers the 42PG6900 looks the part. Connectivity is also good, with inputs including 3x HDMI 1.3, component, and PC VGA input. TR looked at the 42PG6900 and said, the pictures are very dynamic too, at least during HD viewing, as striking bright peak whites meet decent black levels. Admittedly black levels aren’t as deep as those witnessed on a number of other recent plasma TVs. The 42PG6900′s very dynamic approach to HD also helps it deliver a really nice image with HD console games. I found myself really impressed with the LG 42PG6900′s Freeview+ implementation and still feel that the concept really deserves to find an audience. The 42PG6900 is also very cheap for what it offers, and its pictures look very nice on a casual first appraisal.