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LG LE9500, LE8500 – LE5300, 2010 LED HDTVs

LG LE9500LG have announced 39 new LCD HDTVs for 2010! While this number is very impressive it does make covering the whole range almost impossible.

At the top of their range are their new INFINIA range of LED LCD HDTVs which supported detailed local dimming of up to 240 segments to provide deeper blacks with uniform picture quality.  I will cover their whole range in two parts, this part covers their first half of their range, the Infinia and LE models.  The second post covers the LG LD650 – LD350 series.

LG LE9500 Series: 55LE9500, 47LE9500

At the very top is the LG Infinia LE9500 series which is only 0.92-inches thick. The LG LE9500 series has a Full HD 1080p LCD panel with an ultra slim 8.5mm bezel and Full LED Slim technology with local dimming, True motion 480Hz and THX display certification. They are LG’s first 3D HDTVs, by being 3D ready. They also features NetCast, DLNA, Wireless broadband ready, wireless HD ready, and have 2x USB 2.0 ports.

LG LE9500

It is available in two sizes as the55-inch LG 55LE9500, and 47-inch LG 47LE9500.

  • LG 55LE9500 | 55-inch class/54.6-inch
  • LG 47LE9500 | 47-inch class/47.0-inch

LG LE8500 Series: 55LE8500, 47LE8500

The LG Infinia LE8500 series are available in 47-inch (LG 47LE8500) and 55-inch (LG 47LE8500) sizes. They have the same features as the LE9500 series, minus the 3D capability, and 8.5mm bezel. It also features TrueMotion 240Hz.

LG LE8500

  • LG 55LE8500 | 55-inch
  • LG 47LE8500 | 47-inch

LG LE7500 Series: 55LE7500, 47LE7500, 42LE7500

Up next in the LG Infinia range is the LG LE7500. Available in three sizes as the LG 55LE7500, 47LE7500 and 42LE7500. All feature Full HD 1080p LCD, True Motion 120Hz, LED Plus technology for local dimming and NetCast access. Wireless HD is also featured.

LG LE7500

  • LG 55LE7500 | 55-inch
  • LG 47LE7500 | 47-inch
  • LG 42LE7500 | 42-inch

LG LE5500 Series: 55LE5500, 47LE5500, 42LE5500

Moving out of the Infinia range, but still in the LE range we have the LG LE5500 Series. Available as the 55-inch to 42-inch LG 55LE5500, 47LE5500, 42LE5500. Features include TrueMotion 120Hz, LED Plus, and NetCast access.

LG LE5500

  • LG 55LE5500 | 55-inch
  • LG 47LE5500 | 47-inch
  • LG 42LE5500 | 42-inch

LG LE5400 Series: 60LE5400, 55LE5400, 47LE5400, 42LE5400, 32LE5400

The LG LE5400 series is available in five sizes from 32-inches all the way up to the 60-inch LG 60LE5400. All models features Full HD 1080p LCD with LED lighting, TrueMotion 120Hz, WiFi ready, NetCast access, and 2x USB ports.

LG LE5400

  • LG 60LE5400 | 60-inch
  • LG 55LE5400 | 55-inch
  • LG 47LE5400 | 47-inch
  • LG 42LE5400 | 42-inch
  • LG 32LE5400 | 32-inch

LG LE5300 Series: 37LE5300, 32LE5300, 26LE5300, 22LE5300, 19LE5300

The last of the LG LE range is the LG LE5300 Series. This series covers the small screen sizes from 19-inches up to 37-inches. All are LED backlit, with the 32 and 37-inch models featuring a Full HD resolution and TruMotion 120Hz. The smaller sizes have a 720p resolution.

LG LE5300

  • LG 37LE5300 | 37-inch
  • LG 32LE5300 | 32-inch
  • LG 26LE5300 | 26-inch
  • LG 22LE5300 | 22-inch
  • LG 19LE5300 | 19-inch

For the rest of the new models, view the LG LD650 – LD350 series post.

Via LG Press Release.