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HDTV Refrigerator

lg-lsc27990.jpgA HDTV Fridge? Yes you did read that right, the brains at LG have come up with the great idea of an HDTV Fridge. The ummm, LG HDTV Fridge or the LG LSC27990 is the first refrigerator with an HDTV built in. LG’s president John Herrington speaks about previous LCD fridges and says, “LG is taking this innovation one step further with the introduction of our HDTV Refrigerator,”.

The LG LSC27990 HDTV fridge will cost you $4,000 and features a 15-inch LCD screen on the right hand door which has a digital tuner and the ability to receive cable signals. There is also a smaller 4-inch LCD above the ice maker (not too often I say that!) which displays weather information and the time. A USB port can be also used to upload and view photos on the screens.
LG LSC27990 official