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LG 7000 Series | 52LG7000, 47LG7000, 42LG7000, 37LG7000, 32LG7000

LG 52LG7000The LG 7000 Series sliped past my attention last month, but it has been brought back into the limelight recently at this years IFA for being the first HDTV series to include bluetooth support. Bluetooth is of course very common on cell phones, but it has never been featured on an HDTV before. At first it might sound strange, but the bluetooth functions of the LG7000 Series enables the models to be paired with bluetooth headphones and I also assume, speakers, so there is no need to have cables running across your living room.

The bluetooth can also be used to instantly send images from devices like cell phones to the HDTV, to be displayed in HD, or a USB input can also do the same job in an old fashioned way. If bluetooth is not your thing, the LG Scarlet 7000 series has a lot more to offer, boasting a full HD 1080p LCD display with a fast 5m/s response time, and 50,000:1 contrast ratio providing sharp vivid images.

LG 52LG7000

As you can see from the title, the LG 7000 Series will be available in five different sizes from 32-inches to 52-inches giving a nice selection of sizes.  Available as the 32-inch LG 32LG7000, 37-inch 37LG7000, 42-inch 42LG7000 (Currys SALE £999, £599), 47-inch  47LG7000, and finally the vast 52-inch LG 42LG7000. All feature a 178 degree wide viewing angle, Dual XE Engine for image enhancement, and an Intelligent (Light) Sensor for automatically adjusting the backlight and contrast for the optimal viewing conditions in any lighting.

The 10-bit 1080p LCD panel also supports TruMotion 100Hz technology for high frame rates to provide smooth flowing sharp images without motion blur. Connectivity is also very good with inputs including 4x HDMI 1.3 (with deep color) inputs, 2x scart, component and PC VGA input.

LG7000 Series

Expect to see the LG 7000 Series on sale around the middle of September 08.