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LG 55LH90 Reviewed

LG 55LH90The LG 55LH90 is the largest model from the LG LH90 series at 55-inches.

A number of brands, particularly Samsung have had LED backlit LCD HDTVs for quite some time now. For LG it’s a much more recent development, with the LG55LH90 being one of the first to feature this technology.

LED backlighting with local dimming is still a technology reserved for the higher end models, so it’s great to see it being used in the LG 55LH90. Along with lower energy usage, the local dimming can provide higher contrasts and deeper blacks, while maintaining the brightness and vibrant colors in different areas of the screen.

The LH90 series is also available as the 42-inch 42LH90, and as the 47-inch 47LH90.

LG 55LH90

The 1080p LCD LG 55LH90 boasts LED Mega Contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1, for vivid colors and deep black levels. The 55LH90 also features TruMotion 240Hz, which refreshes the image at 240 frames per second, this eliminates motion blur and image judder, two major problems previously associated with LCD HDTVs.

Cnet reviewed the LG 55LH90 giving it an “excellent” eight out of ten rating, and said, the LG LH90 series is one of the best performing LCDs overall we’ve tested, and earned the same rating in this category as the best models from Samsung and Sony. It delivered excellent overall black-level performance and superb color, and video processing overall was very good. Deep black levels and accurate color help propel the LED-backlit LG LH90 series into the front row of the LCD picture quality class.