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LG 50PC5D Reviewed

LG 50PC5DPlasma HDTVs always win against LCD HDTVs in the big screen wars, some say it’s because the offering better image quality, such as deeper black levels, but mostly its due to cheaper prices in the large screen models. The LG 50PC5D is a 50-inch large plasma set with a relatively inexpensive price tag of around $2,200. The 50-inch plasma offers a great look with a black gloss finish with a silver trim, a 1,366×768 pixel resolution for 720p and 1080i HD formats.
Cnet took a look at the LG 50PC5D and say two HDMI inputs, which should be plenty for most users. The back panel jack pack continues with a pair of component-video inputs, a VGA-style PC input, one standard AV input with a choice of composite or S-Video, a single RF input for antenna or cable, and an optical digital audio output for the built-in ATSC tuner. There’s a small bay on the left side of the panel that houses another AV input with composite and S-Video.

For an entry-level plasma, the LG 50PC5D still managed to produce a picture that compared relatively well against higher-priced HDTVs. We missed the ability to properly fine-tune the color temperature, which along with a yellowish green hampered the set’s color accuracy, and we did see a higher instance of video noise than we’d like, but overall the TV’s deep black levels helped distinguish it from other entry-level flat-panel HDTVs.