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LG 50PB65 Reviewed

LG 50PB65LG has apparently based the LG 50PB65 50-inch plasma design on it’s popular “chocolate” range of products. While I can see some resemblance, the 50PB65 looks very similar to the many other black gloss sets out there, which by no means is a problem.
The LG 50PB65 plasma offers a large 50-inch 720p / 1080p HD display with a resolution of 1366×768 pixels and a high 15,000:1 contrast ratio. Connection wise the 50PB65 is well set with HDMI inputs, component, VGA PC input, 2x scart, digital audio out, a CI slot for use with the internal digital tuner.
Also to be noted, the HDMI inputs support 1080p/24fps for original frame rate playback, and the ability to control other LG home theater equipment. TrustedReviews have taken a look at the 50PB65 and say, Clear Filter Pro. Like Pioneer’s Direct Color Filter technology, Clear Filter Pro replaces the usual thick glass panel frontispiece of traditional plasma TVs with a thin filter arrangement to: a) do away with the secondary image you can often see when viewing traditional screens off axis; and b) reduce on-screen reflections by 30%.

The LG 50PB65 also achieves its colour vibrancy without succumbing to the sort of ‘striping’ of colour blends still sometimes seen in the plasma world, and it portrays moving objects without plasma’s common dithering noise problems. Moving objects enjoy plenty of clarity, stability and smoothness too.