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LG 47LY95 Reviewed

LG 47LY95The LG 47LY95 was a surprise to us when we first saw it. The 47LY95 is a large 47-inch HDTV which offers a full HD 1080p LCD screen (1920×1080 pixel) for less than £1,400 ($2,800). Even though prices have dropped dramatically over the last year, a Full HD LCD set of this size and price is quiet amazing.

Often when you seem to be getting a great deal for your money, the manufacture reduced costs by removing some of the features or reducing build quality of the set, but the LG’s 47LY95 set does not have any obvious cost cutting marks. The LG 47LY95 looks great simplistic and stylish design, and connections are decent, offering two HDMI inputs with full 1080p/24fps support. Other inputs include 2x Scart, component, composite, PC VGA input, S-Video, CAM slot and audio ports.

The specifications of the LG 47LY95 seem very healthy with an internal digital tuner, a decent 5,000:1 contrast ratio, 500cd/m2 brightness and LG’s XD Engine which helps to improve contrast, sharpness, noise reduction and color tones. TrustedReviews looked at the 47LY95 and say, with the 1:1 pixel mode engaged, the amount of fine detailing present in sharp, textured HD source material is really quite breathtaking. Especially since the sharpness is delivered without such common side effects as grain or dot crawl. The 47LY95′s standard definition images definitely look a touch sharper than those of most other LG LCDs and those of most other full HD TVs.