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LG 55LH85, 47LH85 | LH85

LG LH85The 55-inch LG 55LH85, and 47-inch LG 47LH85 are the two sets available in LG’s latest LH85 series. The LG LG85 series was announced back at the start of the year along side a massive range of 12 new HDTV ranges.

LG have now announced that both models are now available to purchase, and you should be able to find them nationwide very shortly.

The 55LH85 has a recommended price of $3,200, while the slightly smaller 47-inch 47LH85 has a $2,400 price.

The LG LH85 series is the first series from LG (alongside the new flagship LG 55LHX model) to offer 1080p wireless HD, eliminating the need for messy cables. The 1080p wireless signal can be sent over 30 meters, and placed away from the HDTV, allowing for easy wall mounting, and connecting of HD devices.

LG L55H85

Other features on both the LG 55LH85 and LG 47LH85 include a 1080p LCD panel with TruMotion 120Hz keeping the images sharp during fast motion, and a high 80,000:1 contrast ratio, which provides vibrant colors and deep blacks.

The LG LH85 series also features an “intelligent sensor” to save energy and improve image quality, USB 2.0, 24p Real Cinema, 4x HDMI 1.3 inputs, Invisible speakers and USB 2.0.