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LG 47LG7000 Reviewed

LG 47LG7000The 47LG7000 LCD HDTV comes from LG’s latest “Scarlet” 7000 range, the LG 7000 Series, which is the first HDTV series to feature bluetooth connectivity. The 47-inch LG 47LG7000 bluetooth functions allow the HDTV to wirelessly send audio out to other bluetooth devices such as bluetooth headphones, enabling you to watch the HDTV via headphones without a lead trailing through your room. Also you can send images instantly to the LG 47LG7000 from a cell phone or similar devices, and view your photos in HD. This can of course be done the old fashioned way, via a USB 2.0 input.

LG 47LG7000

The LG 47LG7000 features a 47-inch full HD 1080p LCD panel with 15,000:1 contrast ratio and fast 5ms response time for deep colors, black levels and thanks to LG’s TruMotion 100Hz high frame rate technology for smooth flowing images which retain their sharp HD quality even during fast motion scenes. The attractive 47LG7000 also features 24p Real Cinema mode which uses a 5:5 pulldown technology to produce sharp and smooth results when viewing a 1080p/24p source such as blu-ray, this is a great advantage to have.

Further image processing is handled by the LG XD Engine, which enhances colors, contrast, sharpness and reduces noise, along with many other elements. TrustedReviews have reviewed the LG 47LG7000 and say, the 47LG7000 manages to remove practically all traces of motion blur from the image. With TruMotion in action, even on its Low setting, almost all the resolution loss and smearing we might normally expect to see when watching such a source on an LCD TV is completely banished. LG has been doing nicely on the design and price fronts in recent times, but has struggled to keep up with the competition when it comes to image quality. Thankfully the LG 47LG7000 goes a long way towards putting that right.