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LG 42SL90, 47SL90 | LG SL90 Series

LG SL90The LG LS90 series is the latest top of the range series from LG. Just like the also newly announced SL80 series the SL90′s have a very impressive single edge-to-edge panel of glass over the front of the ultra-slim bezel.

This gives the LG SL90 models a very highend and attractive design, that looks great from any angle.

Unlike the SL80 series, the SL90 features the latest LED backlight technology to give the SL90′s a massive 3,000,000:1 LED Mega contrast ratio. This high contrast ratio along with independently dimable LEDs give the LG SL90 series very high image quality with deep blacks and vivid colors.

The LG SL90 series is available in two sizes, as the 42-inch LG 42SL90, and as the 47-inch LG 47SL90.


Both have LED backlights and a 1080p LCD resolution with TruMotion 120Hz. This technology shows images at 120 frame per second, which keeps the picture sharp and crisp, even during fast moving scenes, eliminating motion blur and annoying image judder problems.

The SL90′s design is even more impressive when you take in it’s extremely thin design at just 1.15-inches thick, and it’s invisible speaker technology, which eliminates thick bezels and speaker grills. LG claim that the SL90 series looks great on as well as off, a statement that I can agree with.

The LG SL90 series is also very energy efficient, benefiting from the lower power consumption of LED backlights.

There is currently no pricing for the LG 47SL90, 42SL90 just yet, but LG say they will be available later this year.