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LG 42LGX Reviewed

LG 42LGXIf you saw the impressive looking LG 42LGX in person, the first thing you would probably notice, is now very thin it is. At less than two inches in thickness the 42LGX is one of the thinnest HDTVs available today. The LG 42LGX is not only thin, it is also rather large in the screen dimension department, with a 42-inch LCD screen, with a full HD / 1080p resolution for native blu-ray content.

The 42-inch LG 42LGX has a very high 50,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio enabling it to display impressive colors and deep blacks. 24p real cinema mode allows it to playback at native blu-ray frame rate of 24fps, enabling smooth playback without any juddering. TruMotion 120Hz adds in extra in between frames to reduce motion blur and further reduce juddering, while keeping the images sharp during fast motion scenes.


The LG 42LGX also features an “Intelligent Sensor” which measures light levels, the current image and uses an advanced algorithm to adjust the image brightness and other settings to deliver the very best image quality. There are three AV modes (Cinema, Game and Sports), Invisible speakers and SimpLink connectivity.

There are four HDMI 1.3 inputs, USB 2.0, 2x component, PC VGA input, and the usual audio ins and outs.  PCMag said the LG 42LGX was “Very good” and said, the LG 42LGX delivers exemplary HD color and picture detail in a stylish frame design that is among the thinnest currently available. Also, the 42LGX’s panel technology (S-IPS) produces a more colorful and consistent picture at wide viewing angles than comparable LCDs like the LC-52SB55U, or Sony LCDs like the Sony KDL-46Z4100.