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LG 42LG6100 Reviewed

LG 42LG6100The LG 42LG6100 is a 42-inch LCD HDTV from LG’s “Scarlet” range of models. You can see the Scarlet design styling on the 42LG6100 by it’s dark red highlights and it’s reverse side, which can be seen slightly from it’s ever so thin side.

In a time when “thin is in” in the world of HDTVs, the LG 42LG6100 is up top. With an almost impossibility thin depth to the 42LG6100 of just 44.7mm, the set really is a true slim HDTV. The LG 42LG6100 is unlike some other HDTVs, which claim to be extremely thin, and have a sudden increase in size in a small area of the set, or achieve their thinness by moving much of the HDTVs internals to a separate “media unit”. The LG 42LG6100 maintains this thinness throughout, and has all it’s internals where they should be, inside the HDTV.

LG 42LG6100

Beyond it’s thinness and great design, the LG 42LG6100 offers a 42-inch full HD / 1080p LCD, with a high 50,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, and TruMotion 100Hz technology. Producing deep blacks, and colors, while removing judder and image blur with it’s high 100Hz frame rates.

Images are further enhanced by the LG 42LG6100′s “intelligent sensor”, which provides the best viewing for the current lighting environment. Connectivity is very good with 4x HDMI inputs, component, PC VGA input, USB 2.0, and 2x scart. TrustedReviews gave the 42LG6100 8/10 overall, and said, the LG 42LG6100′s stunning slim-line design and strikingly low price will doubtless win it many friends. While its performance might not be quite good enough to earn the HDTV a wholehearted recommendation, I do at least feel confident that nobody seduced by the HDTV’s looks and price will be left feeling disappointed overall.