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LG 42LG6000 Reviewed

LG 42LG60002008 has seen some very interesting designs in the HDTV world, and the LG 42LG6000 from the LG6000 series (LG60 in the U.S) has to be one of the more interesting and stylish designs so far. The LG6000 series is also known as the “scarlet”, and the LG 42LG6000 has a deep red or scarlet rear panel, whereas the front has a unique looking black gloss finish with a hole cut in the center of the bezel, allowing you to see through behind the HDTV. This is in fact a very nice effect, and the circle lights up when the HDTV is on, and light in a red color when the set is in standby mode.

The 42-inch LG 42LG6000 is also surprisingly slim at just 8cm at it’s deepest point, much slimmer than most HDTVs of this size. The LG 42LG6000 also has a hidden secret; totally invisible speakers, which work by using driver units embedded under the bezel turning it into a very effective speaker.

LG 42LG6000

Specification and feature wise the 42LG6000 ranks very well indeed, featuring a full 1080p HD LCD screen with TruMotion 100Hz technology with calculates extra frames to provide an extremely sharp and smooth flowing images, reducing motion blur and judder. TrustedReviews look at the 42LG6000 and say, the addition of 100Hz processing certainly does boost the screen’s handling of motion, with the TruMotion system set to high, it almost disappears completely. The LG 42LG6000 pumps out seriously vibrant color tones, and this vibrancy doesn’t lead to colour tones looking forced or unnatural.