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LG 42LF66 Reviewed

LG 42LF66The LG 42LF66 is a huge step up from anything LG has produced before. The 42LF66 looks amazing with it’s black gloss frame, and it’s specifications look just as great. Offering “full hd” 1080p HD LCD for the best HD image possible at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, and even more importantly the LG 42LF66 supports 1:1 direct pixel mapping, using the exact pixels positions for the best image quality and clarity, a feature that many HDTVs lack.
Around the back of the LG 42LF66 are many HD connections to keep the user happy, including two HDMI inputs, component and D-Sab VGA PC input for computer or media center use. The HDMI inputs accept HD signals all the way up to 1080p and even supports 1080p 24fps for new blu-ray and HD-DVD players that output at the true frame rate that the film was shot in for an even more true movie experience.
As the LG 42LF66 supports 1080p, 1:1 direct pixel mapping, 24fps and a high contrast ratio of 5,000:1 you can expect the very highest image quality possible, Tech UK have reviewed the 42LF66 where they give it a great rating, and say, 1:1 pixel mapping forms part of a new version of LG’s XD Engine image processing system, which also features new noise reduction routines and enough processing power to work with HD sources in their native form. Instantly appealing is how extremely crisp and detailed high-definition sources look. Absolutely no pixel is left unturned in the LG 42LF66′s bid to do justice to the detail glories of the HD format.