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LG CF3D – 3D HD Projector

LG have been very busy this year releasing 39 new HDTVs. Along with these TVs comes the LG CF3D, the worlds first Full HD 3D projector using a single lens.

2010 has been a year for 3D HDTV, with many of them joining the market, including a number from LG (LG LE9500). But the LG CF3D stands out from the rest as being the only Full HD projector. Read more

LG LE9500, LE8500 – LE5300, 2010 LED HDTVs

LG LE9500LG have announced 39 new LCD HDTVs for 2010! While this number is very impressive it does make covering the whole range almost impossible.

At the top of their range are their new INFINIA range of LED LCD HDTVs which supported detailed local dimming of up to 240 segments to provide deeper blacks with uniform picture quality.  I will cover their whole range in two parts, this part covers their first half of their range, the Infinia and LE models.  The second post covers the LG LD650 – LD350 series. Read more

LG 55LH85, 47LH85 | LH85

LG LH85The 55-inch LG 55LH85, and 47-inch LG 47LH85 are the two sets available in LG’s latest LH85 series. The LG LG85 series was announced back at the start of the year along side a massive range of 12 new HDTV ranges.

LG have now announced that both models are now available to purchase, and you should be able to find them nationwide very shortly. Read more


LG 55LHXLG’s new top of the range LCD model is the LG LHX which only comes in one size, at 55-inches, called the LG 55LHX.

The LHX is super slim, LED backlit, and wireless, and is a CES 2009 Innovations honoree. It is also super slim at less than 1-inch thick, and powered by a full array of LED backlights with local dimming for improved contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1. Read more

LG 42SL90, 47SL90 | LG SL90 Series

LG SL90The LG LS90 series is the latest top of the range series from LG. Just like the also newly announced SL80 series the SL90′s have a very impressive single edge-to-edge panel of glass over the front of the ultra-slim bezel.

This gives the LG SL90 models a very highend and attractive design, that looks great from any angle. Read more

LG SL80 Series | LG 42SL80, 47SL80, 55SL80

LG SL80The LG SL80 series is the latest LCD HDTV range from LG, which is due to be released this August.

The SL80 Series consists of three models from 42 to 55-inches, all three feature LG’s latest “borderless” design. Featuring a single edge-to-edge panel of glass over the front of an ultra-slim bezel. Read more

LG 42LH50 Reviewed

LG 42LH50The LG 42LH50 is the smaller of two LCD HDTVs from the LG LH50 series, the larger being the 47-inch LG 47LH50.

The 42-inch 42L50 is the first model to offer built in Netflix streaming, which allows instant access to thousands of TV shows and movies, without the need for an external set top box. Read more

VUDU Comes To LG LH50 & PS80 HDTVs

VUDU LG50VUDU’s streaming movie service has just signed a deal with LG, with will bring their movie on demand video service direct to some LG HDTVs.

They have removed the need for the set top box, and can now deliver streaming content directly to the netflix friendly LG LG50 and PS80 line of HDTVs. Read more

LG 42LH90, 47LH90, 55LH90 | LG LH90

LG announced the LH90 series along with a number of other HDTV ranges back at CES a number of month ago.

LG have now announced that the LG LG90 series has just been released, and is now available to purchase. Read more

LG 55LH90 Reviewed

LG 55LH90The LG 55LH90 is the largest model from the LG LH90 series at 55-inches.

A number of brands, particularly Samsung have had LED backlit LCD HDTVs for quite some time now. For LG it’s a much more recent development, with the LG55LH90 being one of the first to feature this technology. Read more

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