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Uniden TL42AZ1, TL37AZ1

uniden-tl42az1.jpgUniden have released two new LCD HDTVs with feature the top 1080p resolution in the form of a 42-inch Uniden TL42AZ1, and a 37-inch Uniden TL37AZ1. Although having the best form of HD, they lack a digital tuner, instead include a analog tuner, but are aiming them selves at gamers, and users who prefer to multimedia centers (PC) or receive their HD content via a set-top-box.
The TL42AZ1 and TL37AZ1 look very mac-ish with a smart semi-transparent and glossy white bezel, and have two HDMI inputs, and 2x component and D5 format. Uniden have also announced the 19-inch TL19TX1 for $380, which does include a digital tuner, but no analog. The Uniden TL42AZ1 should be around $1,470, and the 37-inch TL37AZ1 should be $1,140, all sets should ship in July.