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Asus 22T1E, 24T1E, 27T1E

asus t1 seriesThere have been a number of computer monitors on the market which can also be used just as well as an HDTV. But the new Asus T1 series is the first LCD monitor / HDTV hybrid we have seen which has been specifically created and branded this way.

The Asus T1 series TV Monitor hybrid has the capability of displaying both computer signals and TV signals, doing both jobs just as well. This saves space and money, as you only need one device in place of two.

The T1 series is available in three sizes, as the 22-inch Asus 22T1E, 24-inch Asus 24T1E, and 27-inch Asus 22T1E. While these sizes probably aren’t big enough for your lounge, you probably wouldn’t want to use it as a PC monitor there either. They are very well suited for use in a bedroom, second room, or study.

asus t1 series

All three models have a Full HD / 1080p resolution LCD panel, with a hybrid TV tuner, two HDMI inputs, and stereo seven watt speakers.

You can use the Asus T1 series’ for computer work, TV watching, and also for game playing connected to a games console.

The 1080p LCD has a 20,000:1 contrast ratio, and four different display modes, including Game and Night modes.

All three models are available now.

Asus T1 Series

  • Asus 22T1E | 22-Inch
  • Asus 24T1E | 24-Inch
  • Asus 27T1E | 27-Inch