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Asus 22T1E, 24T1E, 27T1E

asus t1 seriesThere have been a number of computer monitors on the market which can also be used just as well as an HDTV. But the new Asus T1 series is the first LCD monitor / HDTV hybrid we have seen which has been specifically created and branded this way.

The Asus T1 series TV Monitor hybrid has the capability of displaying both computer signals and TV signals, doing both jobs just as well. Read more

Dell ST2310

Dell ST2310Where as most manufacturers are the first to let you know that they have a new exciting product out, Dell on the other hand are developing a habit of just releasing their product, and waiting for the world to discover it.

Well, Dell’s latest 23-inch LCD monitor the Dell ST2310 is a smart looking widescreen computer monitor with a full HD / 1080p resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. Read more

Dell ST2010

The Dell ST2010 might not be an HDTV, but it caught my attention, so I thought I would share it with my readers. The Dell ST2010 is a new 20-inch LCD monitor with a HD widescreen resolution of 1600 X 900 for a true 16:9 aspect ratio, and HDMI inputs. Read more

Dell SX2210

dell sx2210Dell have a great new 22-inch LCD computer monitor up on their website, currently with no price, but they have releaved the name. The Dell SX2210 has previously been seen photoed next to the Dell Studio XPS 435 desktop PC looking very nice indeed.

The Dell SX2210 has all the important elements of making it a great monitor for use with HD content and multimedia in general. Read more

Dell G2410

Many of the new HDTVs announced for 2009 have tried to win us over with their Eco friendly / green models. Now it’s the turn of LCD computer monitors with the Dell G2410 “green flat panel” monitor.

This new 24-inch G Series monitor was announced during CES and has now shown it’s face on Dell’s website. Featuring a Full HD / 1080p widescreen resolution of 1,920x 1080 pixels it’s great for viewing HD movies. Read more

Asus MK241H

Asus MK241HIf you’re on the lookout for a new computer monitor which will be great for HD media, and or new games consoles, you should take a look at the new Asus MK241H or MK221H LCD monitors. I recently posted about the Samsung 2493HM and 2693HM recommending them as great HD computer monitors, and the new Asus models look just as good. Read more

Envision Omni LCD HDTVs

Envision have just announced three more LCD HDTVs to add to their of two newly released HDTVs. Their new high performance Envision Omni series are available in 26-, 32- and 42-inch sizes. All three LCD screens offer a 1,366 x 768 pixel resolution for 720p and 1080i HD formats with an 8-ms response time. Read more


NEC AccuSyncWe have seen a couple of LCDs (monitors) designed primarily for computers but are just at home being used as a HDTV, either through featuring a built in TV tuner, or by having the appropriate inputs. NEC’s new line of AccuSync LCDs WMGX series feature the normal DVI / VGA inputs, but also component and HDMI inputs with full HDCP support for use with encoded content such as Blu-ray and HD DVD players and also the next generation of games consoles. Read more

Uniden TL42AZ1, TL37AZ1

uniden-tl42az1.jpgUniden have released two new LCD HDTVs with feature the top 1080p resolution in the form of a 42-inch Uniden TL42AZ1, and a 37-inch Uniden TL37AZ1. Although having the best form of HD, they lack a digital tuner, instead include a analog tuner, but are aiming them selves at gamers, and users who prefer to multimedia centers (PC) or receive their HD content via a set-top-box.
The TL42AZ1 and TL37AZ1 look very mac-ish with a smart semi-transparent and glossy white bezel, Read more


This year is going to be a great year for LCD HDTVs, even more so than last year. Over the last 12 months LCDs have come a very long way over the more traditional “flat slim displays” plasmas. In the previous years plasmas have lead the way, but now LCD are the king of the HDTVs. Cheaper production costs have been the main reason for this boost enabling bigger LCDs to be produced which have more features the the plasma equivalent. LCD screen sizes can now compete with plasma and also more often provide more pixels and a higher resolution giving full 1080p and fast refresh rates.

If you are looking for the Best LCD HDTV, it is not a simple answer, as a lot of the choice depends on the size of the screen you want, the features you need, and of course your budget. Read more