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JVC LT-47DV8BJ Reviewed

JVC LT-47DV8BJWe are starting to see some great deals on HDTVs as the market declines, and the 47-inch JVC LT-47DV8BJ is a great deal, at less than £1000 for a large, top brand HDTV. Not only is this HDTV from a decent brand, it’s also one of the highest end models, meaning it is packed full with features and impressive specifications.

The JVC LT-47DV8BJ features a large 47-inch LCD panel with a 1080p Full HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, delivering the highest HD format available. With a very attractive design, including a very slim and stylish bezel surrounding the frame, and an overall slim design. 100Hz high frame rate technology doubles the frame rate, which reduces motion blur during high motion scenes, and eliminates image judder commonly seen during slow image pans.


The DynaPix HD engine, is JVC’s most powerful processing engine, which enhances and improves image quality by boosting colors and contrast while reducing noise. TrustedReviews looked at the 47DV8BJ and said, The speakers protruding from the TV’s bottom edge are unfeasibly powerful considering how unassuming they look. In some ways the JVC LT-47DV8BJ is a terrific LCD bargain, serving up a truly huge and at times spectacularly good image alongside some of the best sound we’ve heard at any price. But its lack of 1080p/24 support is bound to count against it among the AV enthusiasts.