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Microsoft Mediaroom

Microsoft MediaroomMicrosoft today have announced that they have renamed Microsoft IPTV to “Microsoft Mediaroom“. Their new IPTV (Internet TV) and multimedia platform looks very impressive and pushes IPTV a further step. The new name comes from the enhanced media functions making the Mediaroom much more than just IPTV. Several new features include networked home media sharing and dynamic MultiView (multiple picture-in-picture) allowing you to have up to 16 Picture-in-picture windows on a single screen.

Mediaroom’s new multimedia application environment also provides HTML-based development environment with open application programming interfaces which allows for third parties to develop application for the system, including video on demand portals, interactive tv services and games. The system also supports simultaneous recording of multiple HD and SD TV channels and multiple camera angles, which would be great for sports!

For more information check out VoIP & Gadgets Blog or Microsoftmediaroom.com