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HP SL4282N, SL4782N

HP MediaSmart SL4282NWe have just seen HP’s new standalone MediaSmart Receiver for use with “standard” HDTVs. Now they have announced two new MediaSmart HDTVs with the same technology inbuilt.

The HP MediaSmart SL4282N and SL4782N feature the Microsoft Extenders for Windows Media Center platform allowing a whole bunch of multimedia playback and streaming. Read more

HP LC4776N Reviewed

HP LC4776NThe HP LC4776N is one of the most expensive LCD HDTVs to be released this year from HP. The 47-inch features full HD 1080p resolution for the highest resolution form of HD and follows the common trend of a glossy black frame. The LC4776N has a health three HDMI ports and a bunch of other great features, but as Cnet found out, it has a hard time of maintaining a deep black level and lacks pixel to pixel mapping on some aspect ratios. They say “potential buyers snooping around the rear of the LC4776N Read more