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Hitachi UT (Ultra Thin) | UT32MH70, UT37MX70, UT42MX70

Hitachi’s Ultra Thin line of LCD HDTVs were announced back in January this year at CES. We now know a few more detail about the range. At just one third the depth of a standard flatscreen, at just 1.5 inches, the new Hitachi UT series sure looks very impressive. As well as being very thing, the lineup features ultra-wideband technology from Tzero which allows you to receive HD video wirelessly from any HDMI equipped equipment.

The Hitachi UT series are avaliable in three sizes, as the 32-inch Hitachi UT32MH70, 37-inch UT37MX70, or as the biggest 42-inch UT42MX70. All feature IPS LCD technology providing superior brightness, contrast and colour, have 35mm profiles and weigh a minimum of just 10.9kg. A digital tuner for the UT series will be avaliable in October.

Hitachi UT

The smallest 32inch UT32MH70 will be avaliable in April, the 37-inch UT37MX70 in May, while the biggest 42-inch Hitachi UT42MX70 will arrive in June.