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Hitachi Ultra Vision V | UT47V702, UT42V702, UT37V702

Back in January of this year,at the CES show, there was a large amount of attention focused on Hitachi’s “1.5″ inch HDTV. Since then we have not heard all that much about that beautiful and very impressive slim HDTV. Now, Hitachi have taken the wraps off of the 1.5 inch ultra thin models and announced them into two different series. The Hitachi Director’s X Series, and the Hitachi Ultra Vision V Series, which we shall be talking about here.

The Hitachi Ultra Vision V series aka the “1.5″ are so named due to their extremely slim 1.5 inch profile, making them the current worlds thinest HDTV. The Ultra Vision V models appear to come in at roughly $200 cheaper in every size than the Directors X series, but also appear to have the same specifications, but only a standard one year warranty, rather than the 2 years on the X series, we also assume different styling.

The Ultra Vision V’s will be available in five different models of four different sizes. The largest 47-inch Hitachi UT47V702, 42-inch UT42V702, and 37-inch UT37V702 all have a full HD 1080p resolution and 120Hz Reel120 refresh rate to reducing motion blur and judder. The 32-inch UT32V502 / UT32V502W has a 120Hz Reel120 refresh rate, and a 1366x768p resolution (it is generally assumed a HDTV 32-inch or smaller does not benefit from the full HD resolution). The other 32-inch UT32A302 / UT32A302W also has a 1366x768p, but lacks the 120Hz technology, for a standard 60Hz refresh rate. All are available with an option audio video center.

  • UT47V702|  $4,499, September.
  • UT42V702|  $3,499, July.
  • UT37V702|  $2,799, July.
  • UT32V502 |  $2,099, August.
  • UT32A302 |  $1,799, August.