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Hitachi L42A403, L32A403 | Alpha Series

hitachi l42a403Hitachi have only just made their new 2009 HDTV official, starting with the new Hitachi Alpha series of LCD HDTVs.

The Hitachi Alpha series consists of just two HDTVs, the 32-inch Hitachi L32A403, and the 42-inch Hitachi L42A403.

The 32-inch model has a 720p LCD panel, while the larger 42-inch model features a Full HD / 1080p LCD panel. Hitachi have priced the Alpha models very competitively, with the 32-inch model set to cost just $499, and the 42-inch model just $849.

hitachi l42a403

While the models cost a small budget, Hitachi haven’t cut back on the inputs, boasting a total of seven HD inputs, including four HDMI ports. Two of the HDMI inputs are located at the side for easy access. There is also a VGA input for PC connectivity.

Both the Hitachi Alpha Series models are Energy Star qualified, and are available this month.

Hitachi Alpha Series