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Hitachi L42S503, L46S603, L55S603 UltraVision

hitachi l42s503We have had to wait a long time to hear about Hitachi’s new 2009 HDTVs. Unlike most HDTV manufacturers, Hitachi didn’t pre-announce their upcoming models, and decided to let us know just days before their release.

Hitachi have updated their UltraVision series of LCD HDTVs to include the latest three models. Read more

Hitachi L42A403, L32A403 | Alpha Series

hitachi l42a403Hitachi have only just made their new 2009 HDTV official, starting with the new Hitachi Alpha series of LCD HDTVs.

The Hitachi Alpha series consists of just two HDTVs, the 32-inch Hitachi L32A403, and the 42-inch Hitachi L42A403. Read more

Hitachi Ultra Vision V | UT47V702, UT42V702, UT37V702

Back in January of this year,at the CES show, there was a large amount of attention focused on Hitachi’s “1.5″ inch HDTV. Since then we have not heard all that much about that beautiful and very impressive slim HDTV. Now, Hitachi have taken the wraps off of the 1.5 inch ultra thin models and announced them into two different series. Read more

Hitachi Director’s X Series | UT47X902, UT42X902, UT37X902

Hitachi X SeriesRemember the Hitachi 1.5 UltraThin LCD HDTVs you saw at CES earlier this year? Well the 1.5 Ultra thin series has now been released in the US in two separate model ranges. First up is the Hitachi Directors series X, and the Hitachi Ultra Vision V series. We will be talking about the X series / directors series here. Read more

Hitachi UT (Ultra Thin) | UT32MH70, UT37MX70, UT42MX70

Hitachi’s Ultra Thin line of LCD HDTVs were announced back in January this year at CES. We now know a few more detail about the range. At just one third the depth of a standard flatscreen, at just 1.5 inches, the new Hitachi UT series sure looks very impressive. As well as being very thing, the lineup features ultra-wideband technology from Tzero which allows you to receive HD video wirelessly from any HDMI equipped equipment. Read more

Hitachi UltraThin 1.5 Line: Director, V, S Series

Hitachi Ultra Thin 1.5 (Hitachi 1.5)Hitachi is anticipating to be a hot topic at this years CES with it’s latest HDTV line up, the Hitachi Ultra Thin 1.5 line. Available in 2008, Hitachi will release the worlds first “Ultra Thin Displays”, after hinting “1.5 Is coming” the new lineup of LCD HDTVs are, as the name hints, just 1.5-inches thick, or thin. Read more

Hitachi P42-HV01, L37-XR01

Hitachi have come out with two new plasma HDTVs with removable iVDR-S and DVR functionality, which are basically removable hard disk drives which can be plugged into other compatible devices which support the DVR HDD. Read more

Hitachi P42T01 Reviewed

Hitachi P42T01The Hitachi P42T01 is a large 42-inch plasma HDTV offering 720p and 1080i at a resolution of 1024 x 1080 pixels. The P42T01 is a very well designed set with a nice slim black gloss surrounding the plasma, with a solid base unit. The base unit / stand swivels and rotates electronically with the press of a button on the remote control to position the set for optimal viewing. The connectivity on the P42T01 is quite good, with two HDMI inputs (one on the rear, and one on the front) we would have still preferred two HDMI inputs on the rear, although a front port is always useful for quick connections. Read more

Hitachi 1080p Fall Line of HDTVs

If your after a 1080p HDTV then Hitachi’s new fall line of HDTVs should please you. They have announced 10 new HDTVs in total, most with full hd 1080p resolutions. Featuring a 60-inch plasma, two 55-models, three 50-inch plasma models, and four LCDs available in 42-inch and 47-inches. Read more

Hitachi P50T01U Reviewed

Hitachi P50T01UThe Hitachi P50T01U is a large 50-inch plasma screen with a great look. The P50T01U has a thin mat black surround with a stylish silver outer trim, which makes a nice change from the black gloss finish which 90% of HDTVs now feature. The 50-inch plasma screen has a claimed high contrast ratio of 10,000:1, a brightness of 1300 cd/m2 and a resolution of 1280×1080 pixels offers 720p and 1080i HD formats.

Connections consist of two HDMI inputs, component, three scarts, digital audio out, USB and SD cart slot for direct play back of photos (JPEG), CAM slot for use with the internal digital tuner. Read more

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