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Samsung SC-HMX20C

Samsung SC-HMX20CWe have had our eye on the very impressive Samsung SC-HMX20C full HD (1080p) camcorder since the start of the year when Samsung announced this beauty. For most people, HD is the king, and in particular 1080p in h.264 is the very best available, allowing you to record amazing HD quality yourself. The Samsung SC-HMX20C camcorder looks great and is a handy size, fitting easily into most hands.

The lightweight Samsung SCHMX20C features a huge 8GB of built in storage space for recording upto 90mins of Full HD glory (longer in lower formats), and also supports accepts both high capacity SD and MMC card formats. As well has featuring full HD recording, or 1080i(60i) or SD 720 x 480, the SC-HMX20C can also shoot still shots in 1920x1080p 4mega pixel mode.

The Samsung SC-HMX20C is not just about the HD recording, it also features a 10X high quality optical zoom and a massive 100x digital zoom lens to get you closer to the action than ever before. The 2.7-inch touch screen LCD and handy swivel handgrip makes it easy to capture all angle shots with minimal effort, allowing you to guarantee that the image is recorded just how you want it.

Samsung SC-HMX20C

From using the built in HDMI connection the Samsung SC-HMX20C connects and works perfectly with your HDTV, bringing you HD video and audio from the same cable to your TV or other AV components. You can also connect the SC-HMX20C to your computer via the USB 2.0 port to upload movie clips and photos for viewing and or editing.

The Samsung SC-HMX20C HD Camcorder should be available very shortly for around $799. Samsung SC-HMX20C page.