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Vizio VBR110

During CES earlier this year Vizio announced that they were going to release a sub $200 blu-ray player. At the time this was big news, but since then blu-ray players have dropped down in price quite substantial.

A few more details have become available about the now called Vizio VBR110 and the Vizio VBR100.

Vizio VBR110

The Vizio VBR100 will be a Wall-mart only exclusive in July for $188, while the Vizio VBR110, which is a similar model will come to other retailers around November / December.

The Vizio VBR100 will be BD-Live ready, when used with an optional 1GB+ USB drive attached to the USB port.

Apart from the price and BD-Live support, no other details are currently known, such as codec support out outputs.

The VBR100 is now available, and available for even less at around $150 or less from Amazon.