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Sony BDZ-A70, BDZ-T90

Sony have introduced two new Blu-ray recorders with hard drive storage space, that feature a one touch video transfer to portabale devices. The Sony BDZ-A70 blu-ray recorder features a 320GB HDD, 2x tuners, all the features that you would expect from a blu-ray player and the ability to record to blu-ray, the HHD or to a portable device.

What is special here with the Sony BDZ-A70, is it’s ability to do one touch video transfer to Sony’s PSP, selected mobile phone and Sony’s new video walkmans. The Sony BDZ-T90 has the same configuration as the BDZ-A70 but a larger 500GB HDD drive for even more HD recording space.

Sony BDZ-A70

Both the Sony BDZ-A70, and the BDZ-T90 will be avaliable in Japan this month, for the equivalent of $1,650. But we very much expect to see these models around the globe in a matter of months.