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Sony BDP-S470, BDP-S570 First 3D Blu-Ray Players

sony bdp-s470Right now we can’t escape from the 3D invasion, with every manufacture plugging their latest 3D devices.

The Sony BDP-S470 will be Sony’s very first 3D Blu-ray player, and it will ship later this month for just $200! There is one small catch though, while it will ship this month, it’s won’t be 3D ready until a 3D blu-ray update is delivered via Firmware update in the summer.

This shouldn’t be a problem though, as we doubt about 3D blu-ray discs will be available before then, and it will ensure it’s running the latest 3D standards.

The Sony BDP-S470 can play back BD, CD, DVD and SACD along with other media via the USB connection. Bravia Internet Video also also supported for Internet connectivity and media streaming.

sony bdp-s470

BD-Live is also supported about with 1080p Precision Cinema HD Upscaling of DVD and Dolby TrueHD and dts-HD Master Audio decoding.

The Sony BDP-S570 will also be available this month for $50 more at $250, which comes with 1GB of built in memory and WiFi. I feel that these players are very well priced for offering the latest specifications and 3D capabilities.