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Sony BDP-S560 & BDP-S760

Sony BDP-S760Sony have announced two new blu-ray players to their lineup for 2009 at this year’s IFA in Berlin.

The Sony BDP-S560 and Sony BDP-S760 blu-ray players features the latest in technology and design. Both feature the latest WiFi Wireless N type (802.11n) for the fastest wireless system along with WiFi protected setup, enabling a fast and secure connection to your network and the Internet.

This wireless connection enables media streaming over your network via DNLA, along with firmware updates and blu-ray live content.

Both feature a new “Quick Start” feature which allows you to get the player started in under six seconds, the fastest currently on the market today. Both also feature the popular Xross Media Bar menu.

Sony BDP-S560

Both the BDP-S560 and BDP-S760 blu-ray players support the latest 7.1 channel high-resolution surround sound technology, with decoding for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio for the highest sound quality.

Both players get the best out of your existing DVD collection by using Precision Cinema HD Upscale technology, converting then to 1080p. An easy to access USB port on the front panel lets you easily view your photos and other media on your HDTV

Sony BDP-S760

The Sony BDP-S760 is Sony’s latest top of the line blu-ray players and features “HD Reality Enhancer”, which reduces noise, and smooths the image tone to create a highly realistic display. Super Bit mapping for video, ensures natural color reproduction.

Sony BDP-S760

The Sony BDP-S760 also features the unique Multi-channel Headphone Surround technology, which gives a surround sounds experince when your when watching a movie on standard headphones. It also features a backlit remote control.

The BDP-S760 is still very new and hard to find in the stores, but it is available from Amazon UK for £345!