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Sony BDP-S360

sony bdp-s360The Sony BDP-S360 is an entry-level blu-ray player with some impressive features and specifications. It’s the first entry-level blu-ray player from Sony which features internal DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD decoding, allowing for 7.1 channel audio via a compatible AV receiver.

As each blu-ray player generation goes by, the higher specifications and additional features previously only found on the highend models are now coming to the entry-level models. Consumers can now spend less on players, and get a brand name such as Sony, with great features for a great price.

The Sony BDP-S360 fully supports BD-Live / blu-ray profile 2.0, which enables you to download and stream bonus content, such as games, additional scenes and trailers. The USB ports lets you saves special additional content available from dedicated websites.

Sony’s Precision Cinema HD Upscale technology gets the very best out of your existing DVD collection, upscaling them to near HD quality. Unlike many other blu-ray players on the market, the Sony Sony BDP-S360 features a quick start up mode, allowing you to operate the player in less than six seconds.

sony bdp-s360

Bonus View is also supported on the Sony BDP-S360, providing Picture-in-Picture capability, letting you, for example, view the directors commentary / making, while watching the film.

As you would expect, 24p is supported, for true 24fps, along with HDMI 1.3 output with x.v.Color™ (xvYCC) technology. AVCHD disc playback is also supported.